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Not much right now.

We’re still in the process of moving…yes, it’s still happening. But we’re getting closer to the end! Maybe even this weekend. We should find out tomorrow the official word whether we’ve been accepted to the apartment complex we want or not. We’re hoping and praying yes!

Onto books…

This month I finished reading:

  • The Longing, by Beverly Lewis
  • Queen of Babble, by Meg Cabot
  • Queen of Babble in the Big City, by Meg Cabot
  • Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, by Meg Cabot

I’m still reading:

  • Emma, by Jane Austen (I’ve hardly picked it up and am going so slow. Honestly, this is my least favorite Austen story…book or movie.)
  • The Montessori Method, by Maria Montessori (I’m about halfway through and feeling good!)

Next month I plan to read:

For August, I’m planning on finishing the two books above, move, and get settled in…Lord willing. Once the boxes are unpacked I’ll head back to my reading goals. On another note Julie & Julia got bumped off the list…indefinitely. You can read why here. I still want to see the movie.

I have a few reviews to write that I’ve been putting off, but hopefully I’ll get to them soon. Happy Reading!


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Cookbook Browsing

Maybe it’s because I’m eating right now, but these books look really good:




It makes me want to bake. Yum.

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Sunday afternoon, while we were still in Louisville, we headed out to Locust Grove to the Jane Austen Festival. We felt like newbies and tourists all mixed together not knowing why people kept asking questions about the family that lived there. Apparently, it wasn’t just some old home that was perserved, but happened to belong to the founder of Kentucky. Kind of important if you’re from there, I guess. We just didn’t know who this Clark guy was.

But, anyways…

The festival was quaint. It was pretty much as the website said. There were shops, a fashion show, afternoon tea, period sewing classes, etc. I missed the book signing with Maragret Sullivan and her talk. The tea and sewing classes were already full, so we just perused the shops, enjoyed the gardens, and watched the fashion show which included a detail explanation of each outfit.

All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon. It would have been nice to have more of a focus on Austen herself or her works, it was more of a focus on the time Austen lived in. Of course, there were plenty of references and it Locust Grove did have the country feel of Austen’s novels.

That said, I’d go again next year. Sign-up early and get into the tea or other classes they might have. For now, here’s some pictures:

July 18 - 19 069

July 18 - 19 058

July 18 - 19 059

July 18 - 19 065

July 18 - 19 070

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July 19-20 082 Since we’re spending the summer visiting my parents as we’re transitioning to Louisville, I didn’t bring too many books for my son. Trying to pack light, you know.

But my mom dug up some old board books that were my brother’s and we’ve been reading those. Come to think of it these books are about 20 years old! They’ve survived two kids (my brother and sister), a dog, and are now onto the next generation.

Joey’s been doing so much better not chewing on books since we first started reading to him (minus a little teething incident with Hop on Pop this morning). He’s moved onto turning the pages. It’s really quite cute.

Anyways, onto the Cubby Engine! He enjoys it and I pretty much have it memorized:

I am a Cubby Engine. I work the Cubby line. I have a Chubby coal car. It keeps me running fine.

I love reading to him now. He’s so cute turning the pages, which he’s often more interested in doing than continuing the book, but that’s okay. And he’s even taking a greater interest in the pictures. He’ll stare at them, touch the page,  look at me and then go “Aah!” in excitement.

He’s so much fun at this age and I know he’ll keep getting more fun and cuter as he grows!

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You don’t really have to guess…but we’re in Louisville this weekend looking for an apartment. Which we found on our first day! Yeah! It’s close to7locustgrove campus with lots of other seminary students and families. God is good!

Finding our new home early gives us more time to explore the city…and you know what’s going on this weekend???

hi08_janeausten_1The Jane Austen Festival put on by the Louisville chapter of JASNA. Exciting! I read about this awhile back and thought it’d be fun to go, but didn’t expect to be in town for it. Then, yesterday I remembered that this was the weekend.

So, tomorrow after we visit a church we’re going to go to the festival. I don’t know how exciting it will be for my husband, but I’m thrilled. The festival is at the historic Locust Grove. It looks so picturesque.

There’ll be the shops of Meryton, a Regency fashion show, afternoon tea, period sewing classes, and Maragret Sullivan author of The Jane Austen Handbook will be speaking about “Five things a Janeite Heroine (or Hero) Needs to Know.”

I’m excited and, of course, I’ll take pictures.

Today is also the anniversary of Austen’s death.

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Road Trip Books

Tomorrow morning, our little family is headed up to Lexington, Virginia for a wedding. It’s not a long road trip, but I’m bringing along some books for the ride. Two to finish, one to start, and one to (hopefully) plow through some meaty parts…oh, and my Bible (that’d be the second one…it’s been “collaged.”)

July 4 - 8 027

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Book Link Love

I can’t believe we’ve already been gone for two weeks! I didn’t expect our time to pass so quickly. We still have the rest of July before we get to Louisville, but time sure is flying by!

Here’s some book related links I enjoyed this week and wanted to pass on:

And,  Happy Independence Day!

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