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Ichildrensclassics read Beatrix Potter as a kid, but I don’t have a strong memory of her stories. What I do remember is a book cover with  Jemima Puddle Duck  and a story about a fox. And, of course, I have read The Tale of Peter Rabbit, but with no lasting impressions of her stories.

In December, I saw the movie Miss Potter and found her life interesting, particularly how they painted her as talking to her animals and them stepping out of their paintings. She did come across as cooky as you’d imagine someone who had conversations with drawings would, but lovable. You must felt sorry for her, that these were her few friends…her world. Watching Miss Potter definitely gave me an added interest in her works and made them more personable.

So, I checked out The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (or The Roly-Poly Pudding). It was quite catching. I really enjoyed the illustrations and thought it was funny to find out just exactly what a “roly-poly pudding” is. Quite comical when you see the drawing. I could see her personality in the story. Especially when she referred to herself, beatrixpotter

…he had just finished making a wheel-barrow for Miss Potter, and she had ordered two hen- coops.

And when I was going to the post late in the afternoon–I looked up the lane from the corner, and I saw Mr. Samuel Whiskers and his wife on the run, with  big bundles on a little wheel-barrow, which looked very much like mine. […] I am sure I never gave her leave to borrow my wheel-barrow! (pp. 71-72)

It was funny and enjoyable, even for an adult.


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