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July 19-20 082 Since we’re spending the summer visiting my parents as we’re transitioning to Louisville, I didn’t bring too many books for my son. Trying to pack light, you know.

But my mom dug up some old board books that were my brother’s and we’ve been reading those. Come to think of it these books are about 20 years old! They’ve survived two kids (my brother and sister), a dog, and are now onto the next generation.

Joey’s been doing so much better not chewing on books since we first started reading to him (minus a little teething incident with Hop on Pop this morning). He’s moved onto turning the pages. It’s really quite cute.

Anyways, onto the Cubby Engine! He enjoys it and I pretty much have it memorized:

I am a Cubby Engine. I work the Cubby line. I have a Chubby coal car. It keeps me running fine.

I love reading to him now. He’s so cute turning the pages, which he’s often more interested in doing than continuing the book, but that’s okay. And he’s even taking a greater interest in the pictures. He’ll stare at them, touch the page,  look at me and then go “Aah!” in excitement.

He’s so much fun at this age and I know he’ll keep getting more fun and cuter as he grows!


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