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Aside from conquering my booklist (and the numerous other titles that have found a spot), I’m also getting my Infant/Toddler Montessori teacher diploma from the North American Montessori Center. During my studies this last week I came across some helpful tips on reading to infants and toddlers and I thought I’d share.

I found these pretty helpful, especially since my little one is in the “let’s-put-the-book-in-my-mouth” stage. They’re not 100% problem free, but they definitely help out.

  • If your child likes to put books in his or her mouth while you’re reading give them something appropriate to put in their mouth like a pacifier or teething toy.
  • If the story is not working, don’t feel like you have to finish it. Or if the story is not keeping their attention, break it up into smaller pieces.
  • When the infant or toddler becomes interested in turning the pages, allow them to do so at the right time.
  • Once the child is on the go (all the time), choose reading time wisely like before a nap.
  • Choose simple picture books with infants and toddlers, then progress as they get older.

You can read the full posts here: Reading Aloud to Children Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


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Today is International Children’s Book Day (ICBD), hosted by IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People). Each year IBBY picks a country to sponser ICBD and select the theme. The day is set aside to inspire a love for reading and draw attention to children’s books.

This year the sponsoring country is Egypt and the theme is “I am the World.”


Use today as a chance to read books by authors outside of your own country or about other culture’s. Visit IBBY’s website: www.ibby.org

What book(s) are you reading to your kids today?

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