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secret-gardenThe Secret Garden is one of the reasons I fell in love with English literature. As a kid I had an abridged copy of the story and loved the movie which I bought myself…I was so proud! And it even came with a little locket.

I love this story. It brings you back to that place of childlike wonder and abandonment to something magical. It’s the story of two lonely, spoiled children who life, love, and pleasure in the discovery of a secret garden. I loved to see how Mary and Colin grew throughout the story from being closed and very sad to hopeful, full of life and purpose.

I can’t quite think of how to describe the characters. I love them all. From Ben Weatherstaff to Miss Mary, Dickon, 51HTYRN363L._SS500_and Master Colin…oh, and Martha! Mary was “quite contrary” for a good bit, before discovering friendship and the garden. Colin is the boy you feel sorry for but want to put in his place at the same time, and Ben Weatherstaff is the cranky old man who really isn’t so cranky. Dickon is probably my favorite character–warm, lovable, forgiving from the beginning, and always with his personal menagerie.

I think Dickon is probably the catalyst for Mary’s change, after the discovery of the garden. He’s so gentle with her and gains her trust little by little and before she knows it Mary’s sharing every secret with him and is so eager to learn she loses her early inhibitions.

Le jardin secretI love the Yorkshire accent. It was a little hard to read smoothly at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. Oh, and I thought it was hilarious how Mary was so proud of gaining weight and how both her and Colin had to hide their hungry appetites.

There are definitely differences between the book and the movie. The book is, of course, better, but I think the movie does justice to the beauty of the garden as well as how well the actors captured the essence of their characters. Two things that were left out of the movie and didn’t understand why: Susan Sowerby (Dickon’s mother) and the doctor being Colin’s uncle. I think both of these would have added to the movie, especially Dickon’s mother. I think her presence is the loving adult-figure both Mary and Colin needed as well as her boldness to write Master Craven and tell him to come home.

Overall, I love this book and movie. I feel like I’m rambling a bit without really saying much, but it’s a good story that both children and adults will enjoy.


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kidspicks My son is not yet able to pick his own books out, at the ripe age of 4 months, but my husband and I read to him daily and, for the most part, he stays interested. The two “favorites” right now are I Love You This Much and Curious George Goes Fishing, both board books.

I have I Love You This Much nearly memorized at this point. We read it about once a day. It came with a cd with a song that sings the words. It’s a little annoying and super catchy, which means when I read the book now it’s more like singing than reading. The funny thing is that the song calms my son down!


Curious George is always fun. The first time I read Curious George Goes Fishing to Joey he burst out laughing at the pages where you can see the fish and George falls in the water! We haven’t had the same reaction since, but he still smiles at the pages.


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