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Introductions are always a bit awkward for me, well not always…There’s a bit of trepidation with What do I say? Does that sound dumb? Umm…how much should I say about me?

But you get the idea, right? Time to stop procrastinating…


family-photos-river-park-138I’m Jessica and this is my blog about, you guessed it, books! I love to read and have from the ripe age of 4.jessica-with-book3

As a kid, I’d read in bed until my mom came in and said it was time to turn off the light, then I’d grab a flashlight and read until that was confiscated, so if it was a really good book I’d sit by the window and read by the light of the moon. Which may be a contributing factor for my lack of sight…

I was once an English major (which is another story) and love reading and learning about people, places, and different periods in books. My favorite is British Literature.  You can read about why I started a book blog and my book list for 2009.


I’d love to meet you and hear your book history. So…here’s a little book meme. You can reply as a comment or a post on your blog with link as comment here.

What’s your favorite book?

Favorite author:

First book you can remember reading:

Book that changed (or challenged) your life:

Worst book ever read:

What you’re reading now:

Book you’d recommend:

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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hi08_janeausten_1I know it sounds cliche, right? Isn’t every other woman’s favorite author (or favorite novel) Jane Austen? Maybe so, but there’s a reason, right?

To put it ever so simply, she’s so good.

The woman just amazes me. The stories, the characters, her life. It’s wonderful and bittersweet all at once.

She’s like the fly on the wall who not only explains all the happenings in the house, but knows the inward thoughts of all. What I love about her is her sense of humor and her intelligence in looking into human race, but not only that she had a great deal of feeling.

She takes normal emotions and explores those that possess them. Then there’s always the question, how could she write such compelling stories of love and never married? Which leads to the questioning of a certain young Irish man’s attentions, Tom Lefroy.

I think what I find so interesting about literature in general is it really is the exploration of the human mind and experiences. It’s an opportunity to look at life in another realm and experience than your own.

For me, it’s almost the study of people and I think Austen did a superb job of that.

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