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Limbo in South Carolina

June 19 - 22 094It’s done. We’ve moved.

We’re still not officially “there” yet. “There” being Louisville. We’re staying at my parents house for about a month visiting, catching up, and making a few road trips.

We’ll probably be in Louisville some time in the beginning of August.

But it’s done. No more boxes for awhile. No more going, “Ack! Where’d that come from…quick find a box!” No more packing and weighing suitcases. No more holding sleeping babies on a plane…no return flight.

We’re on the East Coast and now we can relax…for a few weeks. And, hopefully, be able to get some good reading done.

I’m ready to get back into a regular routine again.


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It’s moving time…

June 8 - 18 172

Bye to our Junior Highers

So it’s finally here. The PODS has arrived, the walls are beginning to look bare, boxes fill the corners of our house and all of our our junk…I mean, very necessary things for life are filling the PODS nicely.

June 8 - 18 299

At Balboa Park

It’s been a crazy week at our house between packing boxes, visiting our favorite places one final time, and hanging out with friends–I’m surprised we’ve squeezed in so much! We’ve been up late and up early…thanks to the two new teeth making their way in my little guy’s upper jaw. And somehow I thought I’d have time to blog during this week. This is actually the first time I’ve been on the computer in three days! You should have seen my Google Reader! Let’s just say things did not get read.

Only a few more days left and we’re gone from San Diego for good…or at least until next summer when we visit for my brother-in-law’s wedding. I’m looking forward to getting semi-settled in South Carolina where we’ll be visiting my parents for about a month before making our way to Louisville. I’m imagining it to be a little relaxing with a lot of playing and reading. We’ll see how that pans out.

The Last of In n Out

The Last of In n Out

I’m still trying to figure out what books to request from PaperBack Swap before I put my account on vacation hold, any suggestions?

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Oh…and I thought this was pretty niffy. My brother’s an artist, working particularly in graphic design, and made this for his girlfriend’s summer reading list. Maybe if I’m nice he’ll make me one too. You should check out his blog for other cool stuff.

Erins-Reading-List_v2Through all this I have finished some books: The Secret Garden and The Courtship of Nellie Fisher (series)…I thought I’d get more reading done, but apparently I wasn’t being too realistic!

Now it’s off to more packing, but it’s been nice to have this little Internet break…more sleep would be nice to…

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