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This is a good book for anyone looking to downsize their home or belongings, moving, or even after the death of a loved one. The authors offer a jculbertson_book1practical approach to going through and getting rid of extra, unwanted, or unused items.

What is helpful about this book is it doesn’t just tell you how to get rid of things, but takes the time to look at the process through an emotional and psychological lenses as well. Within each chapter there are stories of the authors clients to help you see more clearly the point they’re trying to make.

The authors also tackle the “bigger (and more) is better” mentality that is so pervasive in American culture. They promote living with only what you need and truly love and to adopt a “Living Large Mission Statement” : I want to…But…So I will. An example would be “I want to travel, but I have a large mortgage, so I will find a smaller, less-expensive home in an area I love.”

I checked out this book because its been my goal for sometime now to downsize our, which means mostly my, belongings. Now that we’re moving this summer it’s the perfect opportunity to do so! The added bonus is that we’ve been living with my father-in-law for about eight months, so we can save for grad school, and have boxes of stuff stored in the garage. It will be interesting to see what we have that we don’t even use.

Overall, it was an informative, useful, and quick read.


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