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My New Library

Isn't it pretty?

Isn't it pretty?

Leaving the library in San Diego and moving to a smaller, yet still large, city I was hoped wouldn’t decrease the availability of books. There have been a few pros and cons of the Louisville Free Public Library. There’s 18 or 19 libraries in the county, which is good for transferring books and if I don’t want to wait for a hold to be delivered most of the libraries are within a 20 minutes.

The downside of their hold system is that you can only have 3 items on hold at a time per month. So far I’ve had 4ish items on hold this month, but only 3 at a time…so I’m wondering if this is steadfast rule. At the library in San Diego there was a 25 hold limit, which was really good if you were waiting for a new book or movie.

That’s another thing…their movie collection here is slim pickings. Back in SD, the movie collection for the city libraries was like Blockbuster! If there was a movie coming out on dvd, once the release date was published I’d put it on hold. Most of the movies here are educational or documentaries.

The library I visit has a great little children’s nook. It’s a castle turret with a small stage built on the inside and painted murals from fairy tales. I’ll have to take a picture of it sometime. It’s quite adorable.

Oh, and another good thing about being back east is the architecture. California’s great, but has boring building after boring building. There’s another library about a mile from our house and the one we go to is the same distance, but I picked it because of it’s look. It’s a gorgeous building!


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Sunday afternoon, while we were still in Louisville, we headed out to Locust Grove to the Jane Austen Festival. We felt like newbies and tourists all mixed together not knowing why people kept asking questions about the family that lived there. Apparently, it wasn’t just some old home that was perserved, but happened to belong to the founder of Kentucky. Kind of important if you’re from there, I guess. We just didn’t know who this Clark guy was.

But, anyways…

The festival was quaint. It was pretty much as the website said. There were shops, a fashion show, afternoon tea, period sewing classes, etc. I missed the book signing with Maragret Sullivan and her talk. The tea and sewing classes were already full, so we just perused the shops, enjoyed the gardens, and watched the fashion show which included a detail explanation of each outfit.

All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon. It would have been nice to have more of a focus on Austen herself or her works, it was more of a focus on the time Austen lived in. Of course, there were plenty of references and it Locust Grove did have the country feel of Austen’s novels.

That said, I’d go again next year. Sign-up early and get into the tea or other classes they might have. For now, here’s some pictures:

July 18 - 19 069

July 18 - 19 058

July 18 - 19 059

July 18 - 19 065

July 18 - 19 070

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